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Guía Senior® is a business information service strongly directed to the provision of contacts for direct marketing or other applications related to the promotion one by one (telemarketing, sale by catalogue, etc.)

Currently it has, for commercialization, database that includes more than 60,000 business contacts in Argentina, including more than 20,000 companies updated up to three times a year.

In 2000, Guía Senior® incorporated a database from Brazil with approximately 250,000 contacts mentioning about 50,000 companies of this country.

Guía Senior® is an exclusive product of Smart Tech S.A. with legal domicile in the city of Buenos Aires. It has worked in Argentina for 40 years and has a deep penetration in the local database market.


At first in the year 1967 the first Guía Senior® was published and it consisted of three volumes. After that a series fo annual editions unitl in 1989 together with IT there appeared the first GUIA SENIOR DATA PUBLISHER. This product was the first of its kind in Argentina, supported by  a database corresponding to the annual editions of the Guía Senior® , and provided an innovative monthly update service via diskettes that enabled users to have first hand updated information without going through the harsh printing process and directly in your PC. Today, updates are sent via email every 15 days.


It is about a program administrator of the database exclusively designed by our technicians to solve to our users the typical tasks in the management of database for promotion. This system provides a number of tools designed to optimize the user’s time when requiring some information.

At first programmed in Clipper, today it is totally developed in Visual Basic making it 100% compatible with Windows and MS Office.

Since 1990, almost 15,000 systems installed have provided experience to offer to our clients an integral service of information unique in Latin America.

With the inclusion of the database from Brazil, we aim to regionalize the product through agreement with local companies in the various economic centers in Latin America and the increasing penetration of in the regional environment.

Having been in internet since 1996, www.guiasenior.comis today a very important promotion channel for our clients; today almost 80% of the revenues of Smart Tech S.A. come from the registrations arisen from this means.

Since 1998, the hole database can be consulted (300,000 contacts as of today) online with a fifteen-day update that enable to possible users to have real contact with the data published by our company.

Through this site, Guía Senior® thoroughly show the truthfulness of the data published and the users experience through limited and free demos the possibilities to increase their business contacts without having to face expensive organizations of data capture, updating database, etc.

"Today many directories in Internet offer companies with address and telephone, but only offer the possibility to contact executives and other operative within the companies of the region" (La Nación newspaper, November 1999).

Such difference makes every day our site to be well known and respected in the regional net.


  • Customer Service

Our structure is not limited only to the verification and publication of data as mentioned before, but it also are part of a strong service that goes from research of companies not included in the base up to permanent technical support so that the users of Guía Senior® gain time and are more operative in the management of the database. Highly trained personnel verifies up to 3 times a year the information provided; an automatic tracking gathers modifications every fifteen days and subscribers are automatically updated via email.

From the guidance for obtaining effective lists as planned for a specific campaign, to the organization of courses with no additional cost and all the matters that require the client ro achieve an efficient operation of our systems, it makes our daily activity a personal challenge for each one of the members of Smart Tech S.A.

  • Commercialization

Guía Senior® in all its presentations is only sold by annual subscription.

When our services are hired, a client not only buys the database, the systems, the installation and the introductory course on managing the base; the client will also be receiving 23 updates of all the profiles purchased during the subscription year.

We provide personal assistance through an account executive, who since the client contacts Guía Senior® provides guidance in order to help him choose the convenient plan according to the need and budget. During the effectiveness of the subscription, the account executive assists on all the matters concerning a fluid communication between those subscribed and our department of production.

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