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Q: A PC net has been installed in my company. Is the Guía Senior® system prepared to run in the net?

A: Yes, the multiuser version of the Data Publisher is specially designed to be used by many users of the net at the same time.

Q: In order to follow up my mailings, I need to register the date of the last call and the name of the salesman; how can I do?

A: Data Publisher enables to add new fields to each file of the Guia Senior, and then make the controls based in the values of those fields.

Q: How often will I receive the new updated editions of the Guía Senior®?

A: Every 15 days; new updated editions are available to be copied in your PC through an automatic email, via modem or through diskettes. The Printed edition has a 3 month update.

Q: What should I do if the company I'm looking for does not appear in the database?

A: Contact our Database Service by telephone or by email at : bancodedatos@guiasenior.com

Q: My computer is Apple Macintosh. May I install the Guía Senior?system

A: No. The Data Publisher system Works in IBM PC or compatible.

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